The Okura Tokyo supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Hotel Okura Tokyo was founded in 1962 with the aim of
“creating a truly Japanese hotel, not simply an imitation of an overseas hotel.”

Continuing to uphold its founding principle of “communicating Japan's beauty and mind to the world,”
the hotel was reborned in 2019 under the name “The Okura Tokyo.”
Reflecting this new era, we uphold our vision for the hotel by striving to convey Japan's charms,
and by providing functions fit for the international city of Tokyo.
This vision connects our hotel business directly to actions to promote the realization of the sustainable
society advocated by the United Nations (SDGs), and going forward we will strengthen all actions
and initiatives and strive company-wide to further promote them.

Our New 50-Year Vision

As a hotel of unrivaled quality

We will further improve the Best A.C.S.
(accommodation, cuisine, service)
that we have pursued for
half a century to deliver the world's
highest quality as a hotel.

Energy conservation and a comfortable environment in parallel (CO2 reduction)

  • ・As a mixed-use facility, efficient energy coordination and thorough use of waste heat
  • ・Active introduction of energy-saving equipment and thorough implementation of energy-saving measures
  • ・Utilization of well water, and use of rainwater, kitchen drainage water and pool drainage water as reclaimed water

Relaxation and greenery in the regions through a greening policy

  • ・Consideration of wind flow in selection and arrangement of trees to create cool spots
  • ・Maintenance of a large park and green space corresponding to half the site area
  • ・Prepare 2,500㎡ on the eastern side of the site as Minato City Edomizaka Park, and hand over to Minato City
  • ・Create a garden of over 5,000㎡ on the northern side, and open it to the general public as a public space

Environmental protection, together with our guests

  • ・Use paper straws, reduce use of plastic, encourage non-replacement of bed linens
  • ・When processing kitchen waste, we don’t carry it or burn it, but break it down on site with water and carbon dioxide using a raw garbage disposal unit.

Promotion of recycling and re-use

・Recycle plastic, cut food waste, cut amount of kitchen waste processing

Comfortable city plan with a high level of safety

  • ・Ensure building earthquake resistance, and secure necessary utilities in an emergency for over 72 hours
  • ・Provide a temporary refuge shelter of 5,700㎡, and commit to accepting people unable to return home under a disaster agreement

* Japanese-language only

»About Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a hotel inheriting Japanese style

Our hotel inherits Japan's traditional
culture and virtues, cherishes OMOTENASHI
(Japanese hospitality), and convey these charms to the world.

Inheritance and activation of memories and traditions accompanying the hotel rebuilding

・Memorabilia with past guests will be on general sale to support the development of musical activities
We will participate in “reUfunding”“RE:MEMBER Project”, carry out the Charity Project for Music (2015), and donate to
El Sistema Japan

* Japanese-language only

Social contribution and continuation of Mecenat activities

Japanese Traditional Craft Exhibition (Takumi of Japan)

・In 100 places on the corridor walls on the guest room floors, traditional craft pieces from Japan's 47 prefectures are exhibited.

Subsidies from Mecenat activity revenue

・Donations to specific cultural and artistic activities and subsidies from proceeds
The Okura Tokyo Cultural Fund 2017 -

* Japanese-language only

As a hotel significant in people's lives

Our hotel deepens connections with all people
involved with it, realizes a mutual flourishing of
society and the environment, and embraces
attachment, respect and pride.

Safety and security first

Holding food hygiene management committee meetings, measures against food poisoning, and thorough hygiene management guidance

Enhancement of safety by each individual

  • ・International certification for infectious disease countermeasures; acquired 2021 GBAC STAR certification
  • ・Regular holding of emergency medical care training, maintaining qualified personnel at 80%

Disaster area support, medical staff support, donation fundraising activities, relief funds

As a member of the community

  • ・Participation in local events
    Shiba District Clean Campaign 2012 - present
    Nishikubo Hachiman Shrine Festival 2012 - present
  • ・Volunteer activities
    Tokyo Metropolitan Mental Disability Sports Exchange Meeting 2006 - 2018

Diversity promotion

Working environment initiatives

Establishment of original e-learning courses

・255 courses in Japanese, and 41 courses in English and Chinese (9 fields, 55 subjects)

Industry-academia collaboration with Tokyo Management College

* Japanese-language only

Collaboration with Tokyo Masuda Cooking College