1958 Taisei Kanko co.,Ltd. established.
1962 Hotel Okura(Main Building)opened for business.
1963 Okura Club(OC)established.
1964 Staff was sent to the Olympic Village to assist with meals for athletes during the Tokyo Olympics.
Anuual meeting of the International Monetary Fund held in the Heian Room.(First use of wireless simultaneous interpretaion devices in Japan)
1973 Hotel Okura's South Wing opened for business.
1974 Hotel Okura chosen to provide services for State Guest House in Tokyo.
South Wing indoor pool completed.
1975 In charge of official reception for Queen Elizabeth at the British Embassy in Tokyo.
1977 International Monetary Conference held in the Akebono Room.
1978 Hotel Okura Chain established.
1981 Chosen as world's No.2 hotel by Institutional Investor magazine.
1985 Chosen as the best hotel in the world by Euromoney.
1986 Hotel Okura accommodates US President Ronald Reagan, his entourage, and the White House Press Corps during 12th G7 Summit(Tokyo Summit).
The hotel is also requested to run the State Guest House in Tokyo which hosted Prince Charles and Princess Diana after Summit.
1987 Commemorating the 25th anniversary of Hotel Okura, the corporation name is changed from Taisei Kanko Co.,Ltd to Hotel Okura Co.,Ltd.
Lobby Concert 25 instituted with concerts held in the Main Lobby on the 25th of each month;340 concerts held as of 2015.
Concert of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony held at Suntory Hall, and has taken place every four years since 1996.
1989 Hosts 13 heads of state and representatives of 5 international institutions on occasion of Emperor Hirohito's funeral.
1990 Sazanka(Teppanyaki)opened for business.Starlight Lounge reopened following remodeling.
Hosts 15 heads of state and representative of 1 international institution on occasion of enthronement of Emperor Akihito.
1992 Company mark and hotel logo changed.
1994 First charity art collection,Treasured Works of Art,exhibited.
1996 First Okura Music Award bestowed.(award has been given annually since 2000).
1998 Hotel Okura Chain changed its name to Okura Hotels & Resorts(OHR).
2000 First HANA MATSURI in Okura; the Annual World Gardening Fair in Hotel Okura Tokyo, held annually until 2010.
Assigned to food and beverage services at the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Meeting.
2001 Company divided into Hotel Okura Co.,Ltd. and Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Okura Frontier Hotel opened for business as a community hotel.
2004 Baron Okura(Wine Dining & Cigar Bar)opened on 12th floor of South Wing.
La Belle Epoque(French Cuisine)and Toh-Ka-Lin(Chinese Cuisine)reopened after remodeling.
2005 Grand Comfort Floor guest rooms completed on the 9th and 10th floors of the Main Building.
Yamazato(Japanese Cuisine and Tempura)reopened after remodeling.
2006 Sazanka(Teppanyaki)reopened after remodeling.
Wine Academy opend.
2007 Heian Room, the hotel's largest facility, remodeled.
2008 The Akebono Room, a large banquet hall in the Main Building, is completed.
Handles guest services at G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit.
2010 Purchases 79.6% of JAL Hotels to expand hotel group.
2015 The Main Building will be closed for reconstruction.Some facilities of the Main Building will be relocated to the Hotel Okura South Wing, which will be continuously open for business subsequent to the closing of the Main Building.
2019 The Okura Tokyo opened for business.
2020 Hotel Okura Tokyo South Wing closed its doors.