Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events

Intimate settings for any occasion

Beginning with the 2,000-capacity Heian Room, The Okura Tokyo’s event and meeting rooms offer a rich variety of sizes and decors.
Each room is tastefully designed and furnished, ensuring that every guest who arrives will leave completely satisfied.

Japanese spaces, Western spaces

The space leading to the banquet entrance, the foyer and the garden-facing banquet lobby welcomes our guests.

Prestige Tower 1F
Prestige Tower 2F

A very spacious 3,000㎡ area with the flexibility to accommodate any size event, from the intimate to the grand.

Heian Room

Culinary culture

A bountiful variety of dishes brings delight to the tables. Each of the 40,000 pieces of 210 types of traditional silverware have been polished by hand. The Okura is proud of the way we entertain our guests with food.

Host to the world

The Okura has played host to state dignitaries and VIPs from around the world.
The Okura has hosted summits, international conferences, banquets, commemorative events and other major events both in the hotel’s banquet space and at sites all over Japan.
Our dedication to tradition and quality will continue.

IMF General Meeting in 1964

Event and Meeting Rooms

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