【New】One Harmony Award Campaign

Campaign period : June 1 - August 31, 2024

During the campaign period, redeem fewer points than usual for stays or restaurant and bar payments and a variety of items are also available. Take this opportunity and redeem your points during the campaign period.

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* Please select the hotel "The Okura Tokyo" and check.

One Harmony Redeem Points
The Okura Tokyo Restaurant Gift Check

Restaurant gift checks for the special course menus served at the restaurants of The Okura Tokyo. Highly recommended as a gift as the price is not mentioned on the check.

  • ・Restaurant Gift Check (¥15,000):
    11,000 points
    For use in Chinese Fine Dining Toh-Ka-Lin or All Day Dining Orchid
  • ・Restaurant Gift Check (¥25,000):
    18,000 points
    For use in Japanese Fine Dining Yamazato or Teppanyaki Sazanka
  • ・Restaurant Gift Check (¥35,000):
    24,000 points
    For use in French Fine Dining Nouvelle Epoque
  • * Please request replacements at least 7 business days in advance.
  • * Please note that all items are not available for shipping outside Japan.

For more information on the menus, please contact each restaurants.

Making donations with One Harmony points

One Harmony points can be donated to The Okura Tokyo Cultural Fund, which supports cultural and artistic activities. Every 350 points you spend is converted into a ¥500 donation.

Donations are accepted at the following locations:
The Okura Tokyo Cultural Fund page on The Okura Tokyo website
・Restaurants and bars at The Okura Tokyo
・The Okura Tokyo Front Desk

  • * The price includes consumption tax and 15% service charge.