Privacy Policy

Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd. websites ("the Websites") require entry of personal information and record that information in a database when performing reservation, inquiry, member registration and other such procedures. Hotel Okura Tokyo and Okura Hotels & Resorts uses the information thus recorded to provide services beneficial to our customers.

Entering Personal Information

Submission to the forms on the Websites requires customers to provide certain personal information in order to provide them respective services.

Usage of Personal Information

Data thus entered and recorded is used for the following purposes.

Provision of Service

The data is used to provide services requested such as reservations, document request, product request, inquiry and other such forms.

Email Newsletter

The data is used to send email newsletters to users requesting receipt of the email newsletter or agreeing in service request forms to receive news via email. Users may themselves modify this information or terminate transmissions at any time.

Other Communications

Hotel Okura Tokyo may also contact customers by email, telephone or post as deemed necessary.

Management of Personal Information

The database containing the personal information of customers using the Websites is managed by designated Hotel Okura Tokyo administrators and contractors to Hotel Okura Tokyo.

Customers' email addresses may be used for the transmission of Hotel Okura Tokyo email newsletters and for email transmissions from Okura Hotels & Resorts. No personal information other than the email address is disclosed for such purposes.

Customers' personal information may be disclosed to third parties in the following circumstances:
Sharing or disclosure of information to a contractor with a signed confidentiality agreement for purposes of maintenance or management of the Websites or the customer information system.
Sharing or disclosure of information to an affiliate with assigned confidentiality agreement for delivery of direct mailings from Hotel Okura Tokyo or Okura Hotels & Resorts.
Agreement by a customer to the disclosure of information.
Formal inquiry on a legal basis by police authorities, courts or other official institution.
Other serious and urgent necessity of the customer, Hotel Okura Tokyo or a third party.

Shared Use

Hotel Okura Tokyo shall jointly use the reservation records of customers in order to provide services closely including hotel or air travel, publicize products and campaigns, and conduct work associated thereto.

  • ・Categories of the jointly utilized personal data: customers’ name, telephone number, address, email address, age, gender, the place of employment, type of airline mileage program (aka FFP), FFP membership number, FFP tier, name of hotel at which the customer will stay, dates of stay, package plan, applicable rate, arrival time, specific requests, credit card number to guarantee reservations.
  • ・Scope of a jointly utilizing person Users: Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd., member hotels of Okura Hotels & Resorts, Nikko Hotels International and Hotel JAL City chain operated by Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd., group hotels in alliance with Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Hotel Okura Co., Ltd., Hotel Okura Group companies (*1), JAL Group Airlines (*2), and JAL Card Inc.

    *1 Hotel Okura Group companies are Hotel Okura Enterprise Co., Ltd., Hotel Okura Space Solutions Co., Ltd. and Continental Foods Co., Ltd..

    *2 JAL Group Airlines are Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., Japan Transocean Air Co., Ltd., J-AIR Co., Ltd., Japan Air Commuter Co., Ltd., Ryukyu Air Commuter Co., Ltd and Hokkaido Air System Co., Ltd.

Use of Statistical Information

Information concerning customers using the Websites is employed as statistical information that excludes personal information. This information is employed as marketing data in various forms, but is not used for any other purpose.


The Websites use cookies. Cookie functionality may be turned off in your browser settings, but you may then be unable to take advantage of some of the services provided on the Websites.

Inquiries Related to Reservation Record

We shall accept inquiries, related to reservation records from customers as follows and shall respond in a swift and appropriate manner within reasonable bounds.

Exective Office
Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd.

+81(3)3582-0111 (9:00 - 17:00JST, except Saturdays,Sundays & national holidays)