The time you spend at The Okura Tokyo is defined by relaxation and peace of mind, conversation and interpersonal interaction, an appreciation for culture and the arts, and above all, the most luxurious moments you will ever experience.


Events / Workshops

Lobby Concert 25

For over 30 years, a classical music concert has been held in the main lobby on the 25th of every month.

General information

In 1987, The Okura Tokyo marked its 25th anniversary by establishing a series of classical music concerts in its lobby, held on the 25th of every month—celebrating the hotel's patronage of the arts. On the hotel's 50th anniversary, a special program was arranged by Naoto Otomo, a supporter of the hotel's arts patronage activities.

Program director Naoto Otomo (Conductor)

After graduating from the Toho Gakuen College Music Department, Otomo debuted as a conductor for the NHK Symphony Orchestra at the young age of 22--a position he was appointed with the orchestra's recommendation. Today, Otomo serves as honorary guest conductor for the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, conductor laureate for the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, and music director for the Ryukyu Symphony Orchestra. Previously, Otomo was the inaugural music director for Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (2004 - 2012). He has been awarded the Akio Watanabe Music Fund (2000) and the Hideo Saito Memorial Fund (2008).

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The Okura Tokyo Cultural Fund

The fund was established to support the arts and culture in a bid to further encourage mécénat activities. Private donations are welcome.

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Planning & Promotion Dept
  • Mon. - Fri., 9:00 - 17:00 (Except Natl Holidays)


Tea Ceremony Room

General information

Restored adjacent to the Japanese Cuisine Yamazato. In respect to the original version designed by the architect Mitsuhiko Otani, rebuilt by Yoshio Taniguchi. After dining at Yamazato, or independently as a tea ceremony room between lunch and dinner hours.


4th Floor, The Okura Heritage Wing (Yamazato)


10:00 - 17:00


Participation fee for a tea ceremony: ¥2,500 per person
(including the consumption tax and a 10% service charge)

  • * Reservation is required.
    * Please contact us to reserve the entire Tea Ceremony Room.

A quiet, peaceful restaurant decorated with traditional Japanese touches.

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Tea Ceremony Room Chosho-an

Japanese Experiences

Experience the finer points of Japanese culture while enjoying a meal at Yamazato.

General information

Japanese Table Manners Workshop Available for one group per day, this workshop instructs participants in Japanese dining etiquette while they enjoy a meal at Yamazato.

Japanese Table Manners Workshop

4th Floor, The Okura Heritage Wing (Yamazato)

Start time

11:30 - 13:00 (Workshops last about 2.5 hours)


¥14,000 per head (includes food, workshop, and service charge)

  • * Groups must consist of 4 to 10 people.

Workshops are led by a table manners instructor certified by The Japan Hotel and Restaurant Service Development Association


Participants are taught the finer points of Japanese cuisine and are instructed in the proper way to hold chopsticks and dishware, as well as proper table etiquette.

  • * English workshops are also held periodically.

Seasonal kaiseki

  • * Drinks may be ordered at additional cost.
  • * Available for only 1 group per day.
  • * Reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance.
  • * The workshop is held in a private room at Yamazato.

A quiet, peaceful restaurant decorated with traditional Japanese touches.

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Japanese Cuisine Yamazato

Nearby Attractions

Okura Museum of Art

Okura Museum of Art of 2,500 items, including 3 national treasures (such as the Introduction of the Kokin Wakashu, a 10th century poetry collection), as well as 13 important cultural properties and 44 important works of art. The museum has spent years curating its vast collection of paintings, sculptures, writings, craft art works, and other stunning items from Japan and its neighbors to prevent them from being lost to time.

10:00ー17:00(last admission at 16:30)

Mondays(though open on Mondays that fall on a national holiday and closed the following day), year-end holidays, and when new exhibitions are being prepared
* Exhibition contents, exhibits, times and exhibit rotation days, etc. may be subject to sudden change.