The Okura Tokyo has been involved in the social development by offering high quality facilities and services. We will devise a new action plan and contribute to create a better society.

Approach to environmental protection

Energy Conservation and a Comfortable Environment in Parallel

  • ・As a mixed-use facility with a hotel, offices, and an art museum, efficient energy coordination corresponding to the peak usage times of each use and thorough use of waste heat
    (Centralization of the facility's heat sources, introduction of a large heat storage tank, utilization of kitchen drainage water and the core generation system's waste heat, optimal facility operation via BEMS*) * Building Energy Management System
  • ・Active introduction of energy-saving equipment
    (LED lighting, lighting with human sensors, computer-linked air conditioning setback controls, heat exchange of outside air and exhaust air, air conditioner air volume control, etc.)
  • ・Thorough implementation of energy-saving measures
    (fine temperature settings, air conditioning and lighting automatically switching off when unused)
  • ・Use of Low-E insulated glazing (building exterior), installation of water-saving equipment (washbasins, toilets)
  • ・Proactive use of domestically produced wood and thinned wood (395.01㎥ used)

Thoroughly sort recyclables and waste.

Promote the use of recyclables.

Cooperation with and participation in the local community

Support events hosted by the local government.

Comfortable city plan with a high level of safety

Ensure building earthquake resistance to prevent building collapse even in the event of a massive earthquake that occurs once every few hundred years.
Achieve high earthquake resistance through the introduction of an efficient structure plan and vibration damping devices.

Secure necessary utilities in an emergency (for over 72 hours)

  • ・Emergency power generator: 3,500kVA × 1 unit + an oil tank with 72 hours worth of oil
  • ・Introduction of highly earthquake resistant medium-pressure gas piping and CGS (930kW × 2 units)
  • ・Installation of a well water filtration device as a water source
  • ・Secure well water, rainwater, heat storage tank water, and pool water as sources of water for miscellaneous uses (7 days worth)
  • ・Equip with an emergency drainage tank (sufficient for 7 days use) in preparation for damage to the sewage main
  • ・Purchase and stockpile drinking water, emergency food, simple toilets, portable chargers, blankets, etc.

Approach to better working environment

Childcare leave and time shortening work

Set up a “help line” for our employees.

Establishment of a committee

Internal Control Committee

Summarize each committee's activity plan and implementation status, and endeavor to comply with laws and regulations and increase corporate value.

Information Security Committee

We are looking into understanding important issues within the company, such as the handling of corporate information and personal information, and taking appropriate measures.

Compliance Committee

We are working on deliberation and formulation of relevant regulations; communication, education, and prevention activities; information gathering; operation of a consultation office; surveys and verification of compliance status; and, implementation of measures, etc.

Crisis management

Based on our business continuity plan (BCP), we are carrying out planning of activities to be carried out in normal times and reviewing our operation systems.

Crime prevention and disaster prevention

We hold regular full-company meetings for disaster evacuation training and consideration of disaster prevention.

Labor safety and sanitation management

This is being done in order to pass on the guidelines of industry groups, health and safety know-how, and to build and operate our own in-house system.

Food hygiene management

We have made ongoing monitoring by an external specialist company and utilization of a health check management system mandatory, and are promoting understanding of food safety and quality, and reporting on the efforts of each department.
In addition, we regularly hold courses such as food poisoning countermeasure training and hand-washing classes, and are providing thorough enforcement of hand-washing practices.