The Dining Café

The Dining Café
TEL: +81(3)3505-6074

The Dining Café Camellia was reborn as The Dining Café, a Western style buffet restaurant. We offer a variety of buffet menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take out products including baked sweets are available.


The Dining Café

Location 1F
TEL +81(3)3505-6074
Hours of operation 7:00〜21:00
Breakfast Buffet 7:00~10:00
Lunch Buffet 11:30~14:30
Dinner Buffet 17:30~21:00
A la carte 11:00~21:00
The number of seats 116 Non-Smorking
  • * A fee for children is applied for elementary school students (6 to 12 years old).
  • * Prices of the buffet includes tax and service charge.
  • * Tax and 10% service charge will be added to the prices on a la carte menu.

Breakfast Buffet

Price Adult ¥3,000
Children ¥2,000
Menu example Beverage(Orange・Grapefruit・Tomato・Milk・Low Fat Milk)
Cereals(Corn Flakes, Granola, muesli)
Seasonal Fruits
Ham・Sausage・Omelette・Scramble Eggs
Japanese Cuisine(Rice Porridge・Steamed Rice・Miso Soup・Grilled Fish)  etc...

Lunch Buffet

Price Adult ¥3,800
Children ¥2,500
Menu example Salad
Smoked Salmon
Dim Sum
Pilaff with Fillet Beef 
Vegetable Curry and Rice
Shrimp Macaroni Gratin
Ball-shaped Sushi
Desserts  etc...

Dinner Buffet

Price Adult ¥6,500
Children ¥4,000
Menu example Salad
Cream Croquettes
Dim Sum
Hamburger Steak
Beef Stew
Roast Beef
Desserts  etc...

A la carte

Menu example
Crispy Pizza Margherita
Cheeseburger on Buns
Pork Cutlet Sandwich
Spaghetti Bolognese
Beef Curry and Rice
Vegetable Curry and Rice
Mixed Salad
Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate or Green Tea)
¥800  etc...
  • * Prices and items may change without any prior notice.
The Dining Café
TEL: +81(3)3505-6074
Hotel Okura Tokyo South Wing 1F