The Okura Tokyo Named Five-Star Hotel
in Forbes Travel Guide’s 2024 Star Awards

The Okura Tokyo received the five-star hospitality rating for a second year in a row in Forbes Travel Guide 2024, the only global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants, spas and ocean cruises.
It is the only grand hotel - a property with more than 500 guest rooms - to have achieved five-star status in Japan.
In addition, Okura Fitness & Spa earned a Four-Star award in spa category, while French Fine Dining Nouvelle Epoque earned a Five-Star rating in restaurant category.
The Okura Tokyo will continue to aspire to make each visit an experience that guests remember fondly, so that the hotel remains a treasured part of their lives.

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The 2022 Leading Hotels Awards
Winner of the Remarkable Experiences Award

The Okura Tokyo has won the Remarkable Experiences Award of The Leading Hotels of the World’s 2022 Membership Awards. Every year, the Membership Awards are given to the hotels from the world’s 400+ independent luxury hotels that are members of The Leading Hotels of the World. Among them, the Remarkable Experiences Award was established for the hotel’s innovative service and creative teamwork to enrich a guest experience with unexpected moments and stories. The Okura Tokyo was recognized as a worthy recipient of the award for its special lunchtime talk event held in conjunction with a special exhibition at the Okura Museum of Art as part of the hotel’s 60th-anniversary celebrations.

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Condé Nast Traveler 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards
The 2nd place in the top hotels category in Japan and the 1st in Tokyo

The Okura Tokyo is awarded the second place in the top hotels category in Japan and first in Tokyo, continuing from last year, by Condé Nast Traveler’s 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards. Condé Nast Traveler, a U.S. travel magazine, publishes an annual ranking of hotels, airports, and other tourism-related facilities in each country by category. Hundreds of thousands of reader submissions have proven to the world that The Okura Tokyo values hospitality, including high quality service and excellent facilities.

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Won the 1st Place at the Crystal Award 2022

Okura Fitness & Spa was selected as the “Top Spa of Japan” at the Crystal Award 2022, which decides the top spas in Japan.
The Crystal Award is the only spa award in Japan co-sponsored by Spa & Wellness Japan and Conceptasia Management and Consulting Ltd. Spa users and spa journalists cast their votes for the “Top 10 Spa of Japan” from among roughly 130 spas selected by industry experts throughout the country, with the spa receiving the most votes winning the 1st place and the title of “Top Spa of Japan”. Okura Fitness & Spa has been named a “Top 10 Spa of Japan” at the Crystal Award every year since its opening, and has earned the top honor this year.

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Winner of the MECENAT Award 2021 for Excellence
from the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts
“Lobby Concert 25” and “Hotel Okura Music Award”

The Okura Tokyo has received an award for excellence in fiscal 2021 at the MECENAT Awards sponsored by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts. Lobby Concert 25, which has been held on the 25th of every month since the hotel celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1987, was selected as an activity that delivers real music while utilizing the hotel's own resources. The Hotel Okura Music Award, which has been given out since 1996 for the purpose of supporting young musicians, was also selected because it enhances the quality of the entire music world. Based on the hotel’s philosophy when it opened in 1962 that “hotels are places where people gather and interact with the arts and culture”, the hotel was recognized for its social contributions through music, which has continued after the opening of The Okura Tokyo in 2019.

[Lobby Concert 25]
A free concert held in the lobby on the 25th of each month. It is an opportunity to enjoy classical music in a unique space, and a place where not only guests and visitors but also local residents can relax. Up until now we have had performances from more than 2,000 musicians from Japan and overseas. It was unavoidably suspended last year, but our concerts have resumed on an irregular basis from May of this year to commemorate our 400th performance.

[Hotel Okura Music Award]
This award was established on the occasion of the hotel’s 35th anniversary and it is given to two promising young musicians each year who are selected through a rigorous screening by conductor Naoto Otomo and other judges.
The winners are given the award and prizes, and commemorative concerts are held in the hotel with the winners to support their ongoing development. In fiscal 2020, we were recognized for our mécénat cycle of activities, such as past performers of lobby concerts receiving the music award.

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H.B.A. Classic - Original Cocktail Competition - Championship 2021 Overall Champion Grand Prix - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award

Kenji Nakano, senior bartender at The Okura Tokyo “Bar & Lounge Starlight,” won this year’s Overall Champion Grand Prix - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award - at the H.B.A. Classic Original Cocktail Competition sponsored by the Hotel Barmen’s Association. This competition judges four categories which have been deemed essential for a bartender: knowledge, blind tasting, skill and original cocktail creation. It has been 48 years since the last time that our hotel had the number one hotel bartender in Japan, when the late Seishi Wakamatsu (former Deputy Manager of the Hotel Okura Tokyo Food and Beverages Dept.) won the 2nd HBC Original Cocktail Competition.

【Winning Cocktail】

Filer - Spinning Crimson Trail

It has a base of plum liquor brewed in a barrel of Japanese whisky, and it is mixed with refreshing passion fruit, Calvados flavor, and Amaretto aroma. The glass expresses refined Japanese traditional beauty and a passion to inherit it.
It is available at the Bar & Lounge Starlight.

Price: ¥3,000 per glass

* The price includes consumption tax and 15% service charge.

Minato Award for the Development of Greenspaces Winner

The Okura Tokyo has been awarded the “Minato Award for the Development of Greenspaces” bestowed on facilities that contribute to green urban development in Minato-ku, Tokyo. This annual award was established in 2004 in order to give recognition to businesses that maintain green areas based on superior greenery plans.
The Okura Garden, a space where visitors can experience the Japanese natural landscape of karesansui (dry landscape garden) by taking advantage of the 19-meter elevation difference of The Okura Tokyo site, was selected for the evaluation. In a 12,800㎡ area of greenery, which corresponds to half of the entire site, a huge variety of trees and plants have been arranged, including 400 tall trees, 1,100 medium trees and 51,000 shrubs. The 2,500㎡ Edomizaka Park within The Okura Garden has been opened up to the local area as a public space, providing promenades adorned with seasonal trees and relaxation spaces.
In 2020, at the 40th Green City Award organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, The Okura Garden was awarded the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in recognition of its contribution to society.

【Appraisal Comments】
The new scenes developed in this splendid garden tell the story of “water and greenery” through the experience of natural Japanese landscapes in a historical ecological environment that utilizes the elevation difference that is characteristic of this area. There is a pleasant variety of seasonal flowers in this high-quality space that is open to the public, which also features attractive seasonal trees and grassland scenes. Other impressive features include artificial ground techniques and the continuous monitoring of plant life. In addition, a public park has been integrated into the adjacent area that features promenades adorned with seasonal trees and relaxation spaces, which will serve as a successful point of reference for seamless public-private scenic creation in the future.

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Winner of Contemporary Master Craftsman Award 2021

Ryusei Chin, Grand Chef of Chinese Cuisine and a leader of Toh-Ka-Lin Chinese Restaurant in The Okura Tokyo has been awarded Gendai no Meiko (the award for The Contemporary Master Craftsman) by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Gendai no Meiko is awarded to outstanding artisans and craftsmen who pass on their excellent manufacturing skills to a broad range of people, especially the young. This year 150 artisans have been chosen from across the country. Ryusei Chin was highly commended for his expert salt seasoning and steaming (zheng) skills that maximize the umami and natural flavor of the ingredients. His banquet cuisine, dynamically presented, has been well received by Japanese and foreign guests and Chin has been credited with helping to improve the status of Chinese cuisine in Japan.

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