House Regulations

House Regulations

To ensure our Guests a safe and pleasant stay, The Okura Tokyo has established the following House Regulations in accordance with Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts. In the event that a Guest fails to observe these House Regulations, the Hotel may choose not to permit further use by the Guest of the Guest’s Hotel room and other facilities in the Hotel, pursuant to Article 7 of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts. Guests may be held liable for damage in the event of an accident arising from neglect of the regulations.


    1. Please see the inside of your guest room door for a map of emergency escape routes from your room.
    2. Persons not registered for accommodation must refrain from staying overnight in the Guest’s Hotel room.
    3. Please understand that an extended stay in the Hotel does not engender legal rights relating to residency.
    4. The Hotel may refuse accommodation to minors unless accompanied by parents, relatives or other legal guidance, or unless written permission is received from parents or guardians permitting such stays. The Hotel may also refuse accommodations to persons who lack the capacity to reason due to mental impairment or temporary disturbance, or who are deemed to potentially affect the safety and comfort of other Guests in the Hotel.
    5. One Harmony members who fail to observe the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts or these Regulations shall have their membership annulled and shall be denied further use of the Hotel in accordance with the respective One Harmony contract.

    1. When leaving your room, please make sure the door is locked.
    2. When signing for bills at the Hotel restaurants and bars, please show your Card Key Holder.
    3. Please use the door latch whenever you are in your room.
    4. When checking out of the Hotel, please be sure to return your room key to the Front Desk.

    1. Please receive your visitors at the Lobby during night time.
    2. Please answer a knock at the door with the door latch attached or after checking through the peephole. Notify the Assistant Manager of any suspicious persons.

    1. Please do not use inflammables for heating, cooking or the like, irons, candles, etc., in the guest room or the corridors without the consent of the Hotel. Cooking in the guest rooms is strictly prohibited.
    2. In smoking guest rooms, please refrain from smoking in places that may easily catch fire, especially in bed.
    3. Please do not use guest rooms for business activities or private parties, as offices or for any purposes other than accommodation use, without the consent of the Hotel.
    4. Please do not rearrange guest room furnishings, or install or remodel the room’s fixtures, without the consent of the Hotel.
    5. Please do not remove small furnishings or items from the guest rooms.
    6. Please do not place in the window items that may detract from the appearance of the Hotel.

    Please deposit your cash, securities, jewelry and other valuables in the safety deposit box available in the room.

    Unclaimed articles, unless otherwise specified, shall be held for the periods detailed below. Articles which remain unclaimed after these periods shall be treated, in accordance with the law, as items the owner has no interest in receiving.
    1. Items left at the Front Desk by non-staying guests: 1 month
    2. Items left in the Cloakroom: 1 month
    3. Items left in the Storeroom: 3 months

    Any item that is found shall be kept at the Hotel for seven days, including the day it is found, and then turned over to the nearest police station.

    1. Please follow the instructions of the Hotel staff.
    2. Please do not leave any valuables or other items inside your car while it is parked. The Hotel will not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any such articles while your car is parked.
    3. Staying guests may use the Hotel parking lot free of charge limited to one vehicle per room. Please notify the Front Desk when taking your car out.
    4. Please understand that the Hotel staff may not move your car on your behalf.
  • 9. PAYMENT

    1. Payments of charges incurred during use of the Hotel shall be settled with cash, coupons, travelers’ checks, accommodation certificates, credit cards or a means accepted by the Hotel in place of such.
    2. Please understand that a deposit may be requested upon arrival at the Hotel.
    3. You may be requested to settle your account at some point during your stay. If so, please make payment at that time. A Guest failing to make payment when requested by the Hotel may be required to vacate his or her room.
    4. In circumstances where a party other than the staying guest is to make payment for charges incurred by the Guest and payment is not made by the determined date, the Hotel shall request payment directly from the Guest.
    5. Please understand that the Hotel does not advance money on purchases made at Hotel’s arcade shops not managed by the Hotel nor at shops outside of the Hotel.
    6. Please understand that equipment-usage fees are calculated for the use of telephones (including telephone surcharge), fax machines and data lines installed in the guest rooms.
    7. Since a 15% service charge is added to your bill in addition to taxes required by law, it is our policy to decline tips and other gratuities.
  • 10. Please refrain from such activities as described below that may cause a nuisance to other guests of the Hotel.

    1. Bringing dogs, cats, birds or other animals or pets into the Hotel.
    2. Bringing explosives or inflammable substances into the Hotel.
    3. Bringing potentially noxious or harmful substances into the Hotel.
    4. Bringing into the Hotel any other items of which possession is prohibited by law.
    5. Gambling, coercive speech or conduct, behavior corrupting public morals, or behavior, speech or conduct (including loud noises) that other guests may find abhorrent or that may cause a nuisance to other guests.
    6. Leaving your room attired in nightwear, slippers and the like.
    7. Rearrangement of hotel furnishings or their use for other than their intended purpose.
    8. Distribution of advertising or publicity literature, sales of goods, soliciting or other such activity within the Hotel premises.
  • 11. Please cooperate with making economies of electricity and water for the preservation of natural resources.